Emily 18

First Impressions

The first thing I saw upon visiting Emily18 was a small graphic that reads “Good Girl Gone Bad.” I knew at that point that I was almost certainly going to enjoy this site and all that it had to offer. As the rest of the images loaded that thought was confirmed. Emily is a total cutie with the kind of body that’s made for sinning. She has a beautiful smile, sexy brown hair, and a great pair of eyes. She also seems to have a naughty streak in her, at least if the images on the free tour are any indication.

Hot Promises

First off, all the content at Emily18 is exclusive; she can’t be found anywhere else on the web. She promises to update three times a week with high quality photos and videos, and she offers you the chance to chat with her on her message board. A personal connection to your favorite model is always nice, and it seems like it would be great to get to know this cutie. The pictures offer as much insight into the site as anything, and it seems like Emily is a topless model only, although I’ll have to get inside to confirm that assumption.


Given how beautiful and well done the free tour is, I was surprised when I saw the design of the member’s area. It’s certainly easy to use, but it’s pretty ugly and I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t put a little more effort in. The main page offers a short note from Emily welcoming you to her site as well as links to the latest updates. Good news: the site is still being updated three times a week and it doesn’t appear as if that will be slowing down anytime soon.

There are a few links to other teen babe sites as well, but that’s it for the member’s landing page. To see the rest of the content you’ll have to browse to the picture or videos section. Emily is an impressive content producer with nearly 250 galleries to her credit. It should be noted here that while she was 18 when the site originally launched she’s probably just started her 20s, given that the first update was added in June 2005. Nonetheless, she doesn’t appear to have aged a day so you needn’t worry about her looking old.

Most galleries offer 50-150 images with some coming out on either side of those numbers. There are more pictures here than most teen models will ever have on their site, and Emily is still updating. Being the cute teen that she is most of Emily’s galleries feature her in typical teen outfits like a tank top and jeans or a t-shirt and a short skirt. She doesn’t pose in any sexy lingerie sets, but you’ll often see parts of her bra and panty collection make an appearance. In more recent image sets she’s been seen wearing more lingerie, so perhaps that approach is loosening up a bit.

By and large Emily is a topless model. There are a few sets here and there where you’ll see her pussy peak out, but you’ll never see her holding her lips open so you can peak inside at the pink flesh. Instead you’ll get to see her lovely breasts in every gallery and her ass in almost every gallery. She also has a few choice tattoos that further her image as a good girl gone bad. I like them both and for me they’re actually a turn on.

With so many galleries available it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’ve managed to separate a few. The first features Emily taking a bubble bath. She’s wearing only a pair of red panties when she gets in and her body looks awfully good. She plays with the bubbles, sticks her tongue out at the camera, and generally seems to be having a good time. Eventually her panties come off and we get a look at her luscious ass. I also loved a gallery in which she’s wearing a Playboy t-shirt, sheer black panties, and sexy black stockings. This is one of the sexiest galleries she’s ever posted and is worth checking out upon joining.

If you thought Emily was going to stop with her picture galleries you were wrong. She’s also uploaded more than 80 hot videos to the member’s area. These clips are filmed separately from the image galleries and offer you a chance to see Emily in a different light. Sometimes she talks to the camera or laughs while acting goofy, which is a good way to get a sense of her personality. The videos come in a WMV format and are high resolution enough that you won’t struggle to enjoy them.

The trouble is it can be difficult to tell what’s going on in the video. All you get is a tiny square thumbnailed screenshot from the clip as your guide, and most of the time that’s not enough. At best you’ll have some sense of what she’s wearing in the clip. At worst you’ll have no idea at all what’s going on. This is a problem because you’ll have to spend valuable time waiting for the clip to download without even knowing what it’s going to be about. Still, I’ve downloaded quite a few and I didn’t find many duds in the collection.

I did find a few that stood out as favorites and immediate downloads for any new member. The first shows Emily posing in a tiny red skirt and a tight red top along with pink thong panties. The final part of that scene that really makes it great is the sexy red 4 inch heels. I also enjoyed a clip of Emily taking a swim in the pool wearing a gorgeous red tankini. Most videos added in the last six months are HD, which means a bigger download but a much higher quality experience.

The forum at Emily18 is well trafficked and you’ll find that Emily chimes in quite often with her thoughts, responses to questions, information on upcoming updates, etc. Be sure to check it out if you want to share your thoughts with her. The friends section offers you bonus picture galleries starring 21 of Emily’s compatriots in teen porn. Most of the girls are exceptionally good looking and this is a good way to preview their sites if you’re looking to expand your collection.

Croco’s Opinion

Emily 18 really is a good girl gone bad, at lest judging by the content she’s uploaded to her site. There are a number of hot picture galleries and videos here that include her stripping, gently playing with herself, dancing for the camera, and much more. She still updates three times a week and there is now more content here than most teen sites can claim. If you like her look there’s no reason not to join.


Although the design of the member’s area is bland the navigation is flawless. The picture galleries are well laid out, browsing the various content sections is easy, and the newest updates are where you’d expect them to be.

Pricing Policy

If you pay by credit card the charge is $27.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 recurring after that. Paying by phone will cost you $29.95 for 30 days and is non recurring.

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